What exactly does it mean that Faith Baptist Church is a conservative Baptist Church?

It means we are a Pro-church. Pro-what?

Pro-Jesus, Pro-Love, Pro-America, Pro-Grace, Pro-Gospel, Pro-Inerrancy of the Bible, Pro-Life, Pro-States’ Rights, Pro-Border Control, Pro-Virginia, Pro-Family, Pro-Children, Pro-Youth,
Pro-Free Market, Pro-Biblical Preaching, Pro-Capitalism, Pro-Freedom, Pro-Military, Pro-Honor, Pro-Integrity, Pro-Liberty, Pro-Freedom of Speech, Pro-Constitution, Pro-Second Amendment, Pro-Moral Order, Pro-American Flag, Pro-Limited Government, Pro-Fiscal Responsibility, Pro-Honesty in Public Dealings, Pro-Equality of the Races, Pro-Justice, Pro-Patriotism,
Pro-Peace through Strength, and PRO YOU!

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