Family A-H

Mary Ellen and DeWitt Edwards   

Mary Ellen and I have been married 57 years and have one son and one daughter. We have lived on Morris Creek in Mathews for 45 years. Mary Ellen works with our daughter at “Flowers From the Heart” gift shop in Mathews.  I have been retired for 25 years. I served in the US Navy and later worked for the navy as a civilian for 30 years as an engineering technician in naval weapons. We are charter members of Faith Baptist Church.  I was ordained as a deacon in 1970. Mary Ellen is an avid traveler and I have enjoyed sailing and bass fishing most of my life.


Wayne Henion   

This was my life for about forty years (in LEOs). Without my faith, I don’t know how I could have made it. The third part of my life (after GOD and “work”) was my family. Many times I was called away – but I never missed a performance, most sports events, and was there for almost every holiday and birthday. I collect things, love studying about “the end times” and spoiling my grandkids.


Sherry Hendrix  

Life has been an adventure being married to a pastor.  I have found myself in various places and many types of ministry.  Landing in Mathews and particularly with Faith Baptist Church has been a joy for the past 14 years.  God has been good to us throughout our lives and we are blessed to be a part of this wonderful church.  I work full-time as the Office Manager of an Ophthalmologist office, but I love to be home and to work alongside my husband as he serves the Lord.  As a hobby, I enjoy getting baby Mallard ducks in the spring, raising them throughout the summer, and watching them fly away in the fall. I never tire of doing this year after year.  I have loved seeing my two children grow up, become independent and yet stay faithful to the Lord. God is good!

Werlie Hendrix   

My wife Sherry, children Leah and Noah and I have lived in Mathews County for 15 years now.  Before that we lived in Southern Illinois, North Carolina, and California.  I guess you could say we get around.

Outside of being the pastor of this wonderful group of believers I like homesteading/survival type activities and rare books.  When I am not busy with church related activities, you might find me in the woods, experimenting with some strange project, at antique stores, rare book stores and estate sales in an ongoing quest for the very rarest sectors of captured time.