Family I-M

Jessie Miller              

A future Mathew’s “Comehere.” I share my time between Richmond with my mom, and  Mathews with my horses. My husband Jim floats between the two. I am recently retired and am learning to let God send me where he thinks my talent can help. Faith Baptist has been a rock for our family recently, helping us accept the untimely death of our son, Wesley. God is telling me I am talented enough to organize a web page introducing our Mathew’s family at Faith Baptist Church. In my other spare time I play with our three horses, teach polymer clay and jewelry making. I love interacting with teens, have a lifetime supply of spray paint and will tie dye at the drop of a hat. Jim and I are privileged to live next door to Werlie and Sherry Hendrix and have watched their two great kids, Leah and Noah, grow up. Sometimes you will catch me with Noah looking at antique phone equipment, talking techie talk, or blowing up microwaves.

Jeannie and David Morgan  

We are David and Jeannie Morgan. David was born and raised in Mathews, Virginia and I am from Sylacauga, Alabama. David is an engineer for a tugboat company. I volunteer each month with Meals on Wheels and take care of our home front. We raise goats and chickens. We are both history buffs and enjoy visiting historical sites. Our two sons are grown so we have replaced them with our two dogs. The two of us enjoy our mornings sitting on the front porch, reading the Bible and watching the birds & squirrels. David and I joined the Faith Baptist Church in 2011. I wish we had found this church family when I first moved here in 2009. Since becoming members we have loved our time studying the Word of the Lord and growing in faith. Regularly attending the informative Bible studies on Sunday afternoons have been a blessing in our lives. David serves as a Deacon and a Trustee for  Faith Baptist Church. We currently teach Sunday school for children in 1st through 6th grade and we teach a class of the children’s church ministry once a month. The two of us help out in various ministries around the church.