Lottie Moon Christmas Offering

Lottie Moon Christmas Offering

The Lottie Moon offering for International Missions will continue throughout the month of December.  Please pray about giving to the imminently worthy annual offering.  The lives that are changed may even tell you how one day in Heaven.

Your gifts to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering are an investment with eternal impact!

Through ministries like medical outreach, meeting physical needs, evangelism and discipleship training, the missionaries you support are helping plant churches in the darkest corners of the globe.

What happens because you give?

Southern Baptists’ faithful giving undergirds the thousands of missionaries sent from our churches, through IMB, and all for a single, eternal purpose: making disciples in the name of Jesus. This is what it means for all of us, together, to be totally His.

Here are some numbers to celebrate! In a recent year, the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering and Cooperative Program enabled missionaries and their national partners to:

• present the Gospel to more than 1,400,000 individuals
• baptize more than 266,000 new believers
• start more than 24,000 churches
• engage 133 new people groups

More exciting news — some people groups are reaching their own and others!

• 141 people groups are engaging their own people inside their country
• 153 people groups are going to other peoples inside their country
• 41 people groups are going outside their country

(The figures above are taken from the 2012 Annual Statistical Report; data as of 12/31/11. Learn more at public.imb.org/globalresearch.)

Who was Lottie Moon?lottie moon

Lottie Moon – the namesake of the international missions offering – has become something of a legend to us. But in her time Lottie was anything but an untouchable hero. In fact, she was like today’s missionaries. She was a hard-working, deep-loving Southern Baptist who labored tirelessly so her people group could know Jesus.

Why was the offering named for this early missionary?

Throughout her career, Lottie Moon wrote numerous letters home, urging Southern Baptists to greater missions involvement and support. One of those letters triggered Southern Baptists’ first Christmas offering for international missions – enough to send three new missionaries to China.

IMB, Lottie Moon