A few things to aid in your spiritual walk. 

Weekly sermons are available online. If you wish to watch Click Here

FBC online sermon prompts Gazette-Journal Letter to the Editor: The Parable of the Talking Trees. ______________________________________________________________________

Ever consider reading through the entire Bible in one year? Give it a try! Here are a few reading plabible_readns to help you along the way. Also, get with an accountability partner and keep each other on track plus enjoy times of discussion about the passages you read.

Reading Plan 1  | Reading Plan 2 | Reading Plan 3



DVDs of the morning service are available! There is a sign up sheet on the back table. Simply sign up for the Sundays you wish to have DVDs made. Pick-up options are either later at the evening Bible study or the following Sunday. See Technology Staff for additional information.



Faith Baptist runs “Church News” in the local paper weekly. If you have anything to add, contact Sherry no later than Monday morning the week prior.