Adult Sunday School

Fall Study Guide:The Gospel of Mark

Mark had seen a lot over the years. He had spent time with Jesus and His disciples. He had traveled with Barnabas and Paul. He even ministered to Peter in Rome. These experiences made him uniquely qualified to write about Jesus’s life and ministry. Mark’s Gospel isn’t long, but it’s filled with timeless insights about who Christ is and why He came. In Mark, we learn how to be a genuine servant and disciple. It’s a first-century narrative with a healthy dose of application for today.

(Taken from the Lifeway Adult Personal Study Guide)

Session 1: Introduced! (1:1-13)

Session 2: Proclaimed (1:35-45)

Session 3: Questioned (3:20-30)

Session 4: Satisfies (6:30-44)

Session 5: Includes (7:24-37)

Session 6: Followed (8:31-9:1)

Session 7: Strengthens (9:17-29)

Session 8: Serves (10:32-45)

Session 9: Clears (11:15-25)

Session 10: Returning (13:24-37)

Session 11: Willing (14:32-42)

Session 12: Sacrificed (15:24-39) *evangelistic emphasis

Session 13: Alive (16:1-14)